During this pandemic period, the pool and jacuzzis are operating under a set of restrictions to better guarantee the health and safety of our community. Access to the pool and pool reservation system is obtained by sending a signed waiver (see below) to the Cuernavaca Pool Committee, confirming that your household will comply with the pool usage rules. Once received, an account on the pool reservation system will be created (this may take 24 hours; the pool committee members have day jobs). Simultaneously, your household will be added to the Cuernavaca Pool Users group for the purpose of pool updates and information sharing. The reservation calendars can be found at Pool Calendar and Remote Jacuzzi Calendar, but can only be used for reservations when an account has been created. Pool usage will return to normal when the Santa Clara County Covid-19 rules expire.

Pool Usage

  • Use of the pool and jacuzzis is only allowed in compliance with the the Covid pool rules, including the Santa Clara County (SCC) Social Distancing Protocol (with links to CDC publications).

  • Access to the pool and jacuzzis may be revoked if non-compliance with the rules is observed

  • Email a signed copy of the waiver to the Cuernavaca Pool Committee (smart phone picture of the signed document is acceptable) to obtain access to pool calendars, the reservation system and the Cuernavaca Pool Users group.

Pool Committee

The pool committee, under guidance of the Cuernavaca HOA board,  is responsible for managing use of and access to the pool. The pool committee can be contacted by sending an email to cuernavaca.pool.committee@gmail.com.

Playground (Tot-Lot)

The Cuernavaca playground is reopened under emergency rules for a maximum period of 90 days, starting March 16, 2021, ending at and including June 14, 2021. The emergency period also expires when the SCC Covid-19 emergency measures end or when the board rescinds these rules after significant violation or abuse has been observed.​ The Board will submit these rules to our members for comments, after which the rules may become permanent (with provisions for expiration as above). A​ flyer has been posted at the playground to encourage safe use of the playground.


The Cuernavaca gym is closed as long as the SCC Covid-19 restrictions remain in place.