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Mail Theft

Recently our community has been hit again by a round of mail thefts. The board is obviously aware and addressing the issue.

1. We are in contact with USPS and working with them to update the master key for our mailboxes.

2. We are exploring options for installing security cameras at the entrances and mail kiosks. Cameras are not guaranteed to prevent theft, but will serve as a deterrent and may help police identify culprits.

The authority of the board does not extend to organizing a neighborhood watch. However, if set up by residents, please be informed of the dos and don’ts and in particular be aware of the risks of carrying weapons in such activity.

As suggested by many there are ways to reduce the risks: sign up for informed delivery, pick up your mail daily, and drop off outgoing mail in the morning. Also, avoiding sending checks by email may reduce the probability of compromised bank accounts.

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